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BlackBerry が先週に実施を発表した Priv の Marhsmallow ベータテストプログラムを米国時間で 12 日に開始しました。同日より参加者には Marhsmallow アップデートのベータ版が配信されることになっています。

アップデートのベータ版は Android 6.0.1 ベースで開発されていますが、参加者からフィードバックを集収するためのテストアプリなどを含んだ内容です。おそらく公式版とは内容が少し違うと見られます。

Marshmallow アップデートのベータ版は參加ユーザーに対して OTA 形式で配信されますが、展開は段階的に行われます。




Here’s a new status update!

First we would like to thank you for your patience and continued enthusiasm for this beta program. We see all of the chatter in the forums and we are invigorated with the passion that our customers have, whether they want to see more BlackBerry 10 like features, want to see a more stock Android experience, or something in between. All opinions are welcome and will be treated with respect!

What we have already accomplished together:

- Diagnostic data has been automatically processed to give us performance metrics that baseline this group’s specific usage

- Lollipop survey feedback has been processed and analyzed by our Quality organization, in order to drive improvements

- Development teams are excited to get you started and get your feedback on M. It’s a tough call between who is more eager, you or them!

As many of you have been speculating, we have a build ready and soaking internally that will be pushed out to this group. We are dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s on our known issues list (KIL), which we will post in a tab on the main community landing page before we push out the software (so you have time to give it a read and understand what to expect when you receive the update). This should keep the bug reports to those issues that are not known and allow the development team to get your new issues addressed more efficiently.

Many people are asking about how the software update will arrive. After you receive our notice, the software update will be available just like any other update: you’ll eventually receive a notification to upgrade, or you can manually check for updates in Settings > About phone > System updates. (Don’t spam it — the Android update system can silently lock you out for 7 days.) The upgrade process is no different than the experience for security patches.

Some participants will start to receive Marshmallow software tomorrow (Wednesday, EST). We will take a similar approach to how we brought people into the program when rolling out the software update: start with a small group, monitor for any critical issues, then expand to larger and larger groups. We expect to have everyone updated by the end of the week (and for clarity this time, weeks end on Sunday in Waterloo! :] )

So if you receive the software as part of the first batches, please upgrade as soon as you can — we’re waiting to see successful upgrade reports from you before we add more. The batches are already prepared, so no need to email us asking to skip the line. Note that your beautiful PRIV does a lot of hard work during the upgrade and after, so it’s fully expected that it will be warm for some time during and after the upgrade. It should return to normal within a few hours of booting back up on 6.0.

Lastly! Software will only be made available to devices that have successfully enabled diagnostic reporting and that have acquired tokens. If you have not completed this step or have disabled diagnostics, you will not be included in the software update.

Thanks — let’s do this!

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